Go Girl!!! 3D Coasters "Jackie"
Go Girl!!! 3D Coasters "Jackie"

Go Girl!!! 3D Coasters "Jackie"

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Here's the start to our collection ladies!!!

So the go girl collection will include many other images, here is the first 2 of the images!! 

You can have your girl in any color you wish, black, white, Asian, blasian, etc...

To order you girl:

1) Select your amount (all coasters come in sets of 2s).

2) Select the color you want her to be.

3) Select the color you want for her outfit or bonnets. Currently everything is in one color. However, the art background can be multiple colors. Example: background: red, blue and white. Outfit color: White. 

4) Select Background colors

5) Type a name you want in the coasters (1 name per set). For free.

6) you can have a quote in the coasters for $2 more. A quote would be "Girls Rock", or "It's a Virgos world".

Some coasters will have holographic in them depending on the color selected. Some colors do not come in holographic. 

These coasters do have a sparke to them... u can choose not to have sparkle by indicating that in special instructions text box.

Ships with 5 days of order!!