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Wedding decor journey!!

Can I just share the fact that I'm excited... yet nervous at the same time.

Ok... "Why"?

So, have you ever just considered the fact that many people live life not doing what they love... but, I'm getting to do it.

True story time!!! I've always wanted to be a "Designer/decorator"... always but, life as we know it happened. Now looking back, I understand how and why people never make their dreams... you see its really a combination of things. Its starts with childhood and the way your raised. I've always been told that I can be anything I wanted. I believed this when younger....I just lost it when navigating life.

I decided that the smartest thing for me to do at the time was to find a career that would lead to making a study paycheck. I went to the Dental field. At this time, it was great for me because it didn't require me to do as much as most. I Still made great money and even better I met a lot of now friends, these friends were Assistants, Hygienist and Dentist (Funny thing is I always became close with the female Dentis). I spoke with the dentist about my dreams and passions, and they always told me I should go for what my heart wanted (which was Decor). Even so, I noticed that the Dental field was thriving and although I didn't have a real passion for it... I figured I try and forget about decor and focus on something in the area that would be study and profitable.

The Dentist and friends pushed and encouraged me to go back to school for my B.A in Biomedical Science engineering for Dentistry. While on that journey I ended up taking a class for "Art" and MY GOSH!!! The art pulled on me in ways I never knew possible. I found myself being engulfed in making it my muse and I was so hurt when the class ended. I never knew I loved art as much as I did!!! I would have never knew that until I went to college and took Art for a subject (I also ended up feeling this way about music).

As I went along, I knew that Dentistry wasn't for me... so I dropped that degree and decided to finish in Phycology. 

I got my degree and loved it but never really loved it. I always remember walking past the decor classes at the college and looking at the courses and seeing all the fabric!!! I knew that is where I needed to be... just figured I wouldn't belong and so I kept pushing forward. 

Eventually, I met a Dentist that is in the Navy (She is an officer). She just so happens to be an Oral Surgeon and she would talk to me about joining the Military to help pay for my career. As crazy as it sounded, I always knew this was going to happen because my family was military.

I trusted her and I knew she was right... So, I joined (I joined Florida Army National Guard). Best choice I have ever made in my life and so far getting ready to hit 10 years.

Well, life continued, and I ended up going to work for the Florida Army National Guard Full time!!! When doing this I had nothing to do on my lunch break, so I had a Soldier who needed some flower arrangements done and she was totally lost in doing, she asked me to help, and I said of course. I completely took over the project. During my lunch break for the next couple of days, others walked by and saw and loved them. They then started asking me to do things for them too... this just blossomed. Of course, I have a whole story on the background of that story in which I will share another time!!!

Fast forward, I started doing my custom arrangements, then art pieces and now back full circle to decor weddings and events!!! 

When I look back at everything, I had to get thought that stuff in order to appreciate the love and passion i have for my business now. I went full circle right back to the beginning and right where I belong in life!!!


My journey is amazing and just starting. I hope you have come to join my ride!!