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The Ultimate Wedding Set Giveaway

I know... I know, I should have posted about this already....I meant to but, got so tossed up in life that I forgot!!!

This set is most devine... a tribute to the  untouched love that awaits us all. The Ultimate Wedding Set is comprised of:

Cake cutting Set

2 tall candles

1 pillar candle

2 marble coasters with names or quotes inside of them. 

1 double plate set

2 tall glass candle holder

1 plate stand

All encased in a beautiful glass case with 360 degree views and mirrored bottom. 

This is exactly a set that you'd see in either the "Gilded Ages" or even "Bridgerton" era!!Era!!!


The best part is that some wonderful couple will earn this set absolutely free!!! Yes totally free....simply by stopping by my booth at yhe Florida Bridal and Wedding show!! 


The show is set to take place this coming Sunday April 3rd... I can't wait to show you all the lucky winner... and of course no purchase is ever necessary to participate in my giveaways!!!