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Ok Ya'll so hear me out when I tell you that it's really a thing for couples to not want flowers... and that's totally OK!!!

Some couple get drafted into feeling like "Flowers are the thing that makes the wedding". I am here to say "Nope"... in my opinion it's not at all. It's purely based on the couple's request in look and decorator's vision... and surroundings.

Would you ever think to tell "David Tutera" that he couldn't do a wedding because no flowers are attached "Nope"... he'd welcome the challenge!!! 

First, I must address the fact that this couple was absolutely amazing and a decorators dream to work with., very relaxed and trust the vision I was bringing forward for them. They request no flowers and to make it simple and elegant but, play down the look so we can focus on the museum as well. So, it didn't take much to make this happen because the space was already filled with art... however, you do have to remember that its art.. meaning colors will bounce from your design... so, making the tablescape minimal places a big part as well as the fact they wanted no flowers!!

When I work with couples, I always love to do a table mockup... this is so my couple can see the guest tables before the big day (I save the sweetheart table for the big day... they just have to trust it). But showing the guest table relaxes them in my ability to pull off what they actually envisioned. When working with this couple the venue couldn't find time to let us in and do a table mock... soooo we had to trust the process (don't worry I created the look at home first... I always precreate the look anyways... I must like the look and be pleased).

I knew there were elements that we could use to replace the flowers but, not have the area looking empty.... ohhhhh there are sooo many ways but, this was just one. 

So, this couple landing a smart move with choosing this museum... doing so saved on decor (we didn't have to go to over because the focus was on the museum when planning our vision). The second was choosing no florals... but, allowing me to place pops of greenery into the decor (Nature is always the best move). 

The couple gave me such a praise that I was overwhelmed in thankfulness... They stopped me about 12 times to express how they loved it and that was all I wanted... to make their day their day and their dream. I even got some referrals out of it instantly!!

As a luxury decorator my goal is to provide comfort and beauty for all of my couples, and I think we did just that. I could not have ever done anything without my team backing me and moving quickly and efficiently to get the job done... We had to decorate and upstairs and downstairs area!!! They pulled through in every way possible. 

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