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First out door event (Me against Mother Nature)

So, let's discuss how doing an event outside can flip your life around!!

Event decorating is fun and unique... at least this is what most think. You have an image in your mind, you jot the look down, you buy product and create the look right?


Well, at least wrong for my first outside baby shower.

So, I was blessed enough to try and help a friend with her "Sunflower Baby Shower". Being that I decorated events before I was sure I was going to just knock it out the park!! As soon as I knew the theme my mind went into designer mode (Yes, this is a thing)!!! My friend sent me her inspiration photo and I immediately brought items that I knew would be a hit. 

Now, when I create I always do multiple mock ups.

1) To see how the set looks complete.

2) To see how long it takes me to complete the project at hand.

3) To show my client a small view of what I had in mind (I never giveaway full design until the actual day... spruce it up for your client, with surprise elements).

4) Approval from the client (after all, it's her baby shower... right?).

Anyways, I did just that... show mock and created surprise elements!! I knew this was gonna be pure magic.

The day for shower is here and I'm tired because of excitement to show my friend her party!!!

We get to location and start to set the tables and place the centerpiece and immediately the wind started... oh boy, it was not friendly. Everything was blowing everywhere. 


Oh, the heartache; see, I created tall mason jar centerpieces... they were unbelievably cute. For the main guest table, I created them to be taller with more fluff such as mini Pampas grass in them.

I tired Everything you all... everything. We had 2.5 hours to set up!!! Even worse the sun was beaming down so much that I had to wonder if the Devil was watching me decorate!! I left my water jug in my husbands SUV. 

The flower and ballon arch didn't want to stand... one of the ballin bags in which i bagged the night before opened and half the ballons few out, popped or just simply few away!! The backdrop image and backdrop stand almost blew out the yard.. Couldn't place the table cuttlery because it was flying everywhere!!

Now, even with all this I knew something had to be done so I immediately changed the design.

I decided to tape all sashes down to table cloth... tape table cloth to table. I placed mini candle votives on end of each table and filled them with water to act as a stabilizer. I removed height from the mason jars and placed water in them. 

I used the backdrop as the table cover for the gift table (this was actually a very great and next idea... I loved it). I placed bricks and small trees on the arch stand. Since thr wind was not nice I decided against adding my sparkly curtain with more floral... but, to keep what ballons and Floral i already had on it... on it (of course I added a little more Floral to make it appeal fuller... but, most ballons had popped). I made a few more changes to match the weather too.

The guest of honor and her family loved it still!!! I however was not pleased at all... I spent so much time chasing items and fixing things until it ate my time up!! Even with water in Vases things still knocked over by the wind!!!

With all this in mind i came to the conclusion that this was meant to happen. I was meant to feel defeated. Sure. People loved the look (But, it was not the design I was going for... nothing like it at all... half the items were not even put out). However, this happened to better prepare me for my next outdoor event. Here are a few things ill be implementing in the future.

1) Buy or rent a hugh tent 20"×40"... a couple depending on event size should work!!

2) Hire more help (especially for outside events).

3) Only use Spandex or Fitted table covers.

4) Nothing with eccessive height if no tent is present.

5) Hydrate heavily a week before event.

6) Have extra water sources ready.


Ohhhh a ton more!!!

As, I stated before the guest of honor and her party guest still loved everything... I was still soooo unhappy until it was not funny. 

You see, I know what I can do. I knew how it was supposed to turn out... I was just determined to make the look work for her and it did.  

The take away... (DO IT AGAIN... BIGGER AND BETTER)!!!