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A Clean Garden for the bride and groom

So, I thought it would be super fun to discuss wedding tablescapes for my clients and the mindset of creating them. 

All of my consults and proposal are 100% free... this is to allow the couple to see my pricing and for me to envision the look that they are going for without any pressure. I travel between GA, AL, NC, SC and Florida for decor events (All over the US for full planning with decor events).

This has to be the most fun part of planning, coordinating and or decorating a wedding!! This client hired me and my team to help coordinate the wedding day itself. When I initially spoke to her and her mother (Such amazing people) they virtually found everything we needed. I only had to find a few items and pull it all together but, that's the role of a "Day of Coordinator"... that's another topic we must discuss as well. 

So, when discussing our look, it they already had the colors locked down but, no real ideas of the look. The color scheme was "Dusty blue, Sage green and white"... I so loved the colors and immediately had a million ideas of what look we could do to pull off something luxurious!! 

The first thing I paid attention to was, the word "Sage" that is such a play on plants and the diaspora of colors inside of it. This help me cut down what look I felt would be great. Now, another big thing was the way my bride spoke... looked and acted in general. As a decorator I pay attention to key things. As a planner I ask certain questions to see what level of comfort my couple is on. This couple we laid back but shy... no garter toss, no bouquet toss... nothing to wild. They spoke soft and both we are nervous and didn't want anything over the top. Her favor plant is "Eucalyptus and White Roses" 

Side note: These things matter, if you don't like flowers... let that be known as well!! It also always helps if you have inspiration pictures to show your decorator. However, I love creating from a blank slate


The next thing that helped was knowing what exactly our venue offered. Do they provide Tables and Chairs, tablecloths, napkins, cutlery... if so, what color are these items... it all plays a part. This is because if the venue only offers pink linen and your color decor doesn't have pink then now, we have two options: 1) Change the color selection around to add pink (this is to save money... linen is expensive... very expensive to maintain). 2) Have me add the correct linen choice to your color combination. 

Side note: Only use linen from the venue or decorator... DO NOT... AND I REPEAT DO NOT BUY YOUR OWN LINEN AND THINK YOU ARE SAVING... YOU ARE NOT!!! The linen online seems inexpensive (we are going to say polyester which is the cheapest) however, if you want the wedding to be clean line with no wrinkles you will have to iron or steam it... your decorator will charge a heavy price for this. OK OK take it to the cleaner... they charge even more.... OK OK you will just iron them yourself right. it takes hours (hours, with a Z) to do this. What is your time worth... if your time is not important then go for it. You save a few bucks but, you lost a ton of time!!! 4) Just lay them on wrinkled. 


Anyways, after finding what she loved the most I created a tablescape for her to see in person (before the wedding) I do a full tablescape for my couples to see what the guest table will look like in person. I keep it simple; but the day of the wedding I add in special pops here and there (I'll never give the entire look away). I do not show my entrance table, sweetheart table, estate table or head tables until day of wedding as a surprise. And boy this was a major surprise!!! My couple and guest loved every breath of it. We ended up with a clean garden look. We implemented pops of her favorite plan and went delicate and light on the dusty blue!!! We allowed the white to take over as the main color but, kept the eye to the other two colors by introducing them in spirts. Everything was a victory!

The garden was beautiful, clean and crisp... even when the rain drizzled it could not stop the beauty of our garden... it wisped up more with the sun shining into the windows and rainbows in the distant gracing and smiling on my couple!!!

So yes, this is what a clean garden looks like!!